My name is Kurt and teaching has always been one of my passions. After having taught English to foreign students for a number of years I decided to pursue teaching as a full-time job. I completed my Bachelors of Education (Hons.) degree in Art and English in 2014 and I am currently teaching in a State School.

Personally, the best thing about teaching is seeing students grow and improve on their journey towards achieving their full potential.My ideology when it comes to teaching is to make things as practical as possible.  I believe that learning is a personal journey that is different and unique for everyone.  Thus, I strive to make my lessons fun, interactive and above all meaningful.

Apart from helping my students improve on their strengths, I also focus on outlining what weaknesses students may have and come up with strategies that will help them to overcome these challenges.

Even though at times learning is not an easy route, I believe that with the right training and guidance, students are able to achieve their set goals.




Here at studja.com classes are held in Zejtun and Zabbar.  Classrooms are equipped with the necessary materials and resources.  We strive to keep on building our ever-growing bank of resources to cater for different learning styles and abilities!





Here at studja.com lessons are given by a fully qualified and experienced teacher to ensure that all our students get a fruitful learning experience.  We work with small groups to ensure individual attention.  Your success is our satisfaction!

For more information on our courses feel free to contact us on 79307023 or info@studja.com.  You can also chat with me now through the live chat at the bottom right side of the page!